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QM Pedals - Attention all QM Racers
Due to a string of "foot" injuries to QM drivers, The FinishLine Racing School is now offering QM Pedals.  The new pedals are made of HEAVY DUTY DIAMOND PLATE ALUMINUM and are 6" tall.  ALSO: The NEW heel stop will not work "very well" for children with small feet they will get confused where their foot is and miss the heel stop all together. Our pedals are the safest way to protect those Little feet. The big Kids might also have a problem because the heel stops are plastic and it will break.
*** Our pedals NO LONGER come with holes.


Images are of both GAS and BRAKE pedals. You do not need both for QM rules, just the BRAKE. We recommend buying both pedals, but BRAKE is mandatory per new QMA ruling.  ** QM pedals DO bend in a wreck, to fix them put in vise and bend back (if the pedals did NOT BEND the driver could end up with a broken leg)

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Top View Back View
Right View Back View

Braided Steel Brake Kit

Braided Steel Brake Kit includes EVERYTHING you will need to be QM LEGAL, a long braided steel brake line with 2 #3 AN fittings and 2 #3 1/8" AN fittings that go from the brake fluid reservoir to the actual brake caliper. This brake set comes in 2 lengths: 36" or 48".

Isaac® Head and Neck Restraint

Click here for details and images of the Isaac Head and Neck Restraint.

"Steve Smith Quarter Midget Chassis Technology"
Every Handler needs to understand their chassis, this book will help you !!!!

A complete chassis tuning and setup guide for quarter midgets. Chapters include: Race car handling basics, suspension systems, shock absorbers, tires and wheels, chassis setup and alignment, track tuning and adjustment. Includes a complete guide to understanding and adjusting handling problems. Everything you need to know to get your car competitive. Applies to both paved and dirt tracks.
Pricing: Click Here

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QM Rack-N-Pinion

Designed exclusively for Quarter Midget's.  This is the greatest discovery since power steering in the Winston Cup cars!   No more driver fatigue!  Less finger injuries from the steering wheel snapping back.

1/2 Turn lock to lock
3 1/2" high x 9" wide
weight = 1 lb 9.5 oz

length: center to center 11 3/4 "

Price: Click Here
FYI: Traditional "stock" QM steering is 1/4 turn lock to lock, and in our opinion that is way too fast for QM's . That "old" type of steering absorbs none of the impact of a crash, always causing sore fingers and sometimes resulting in broken fingers.

QM Rack-N-Pinion Installation Kit

1" OD x 5/8 - 36 splined to 5/8" smooth Universal Joint, 1:Universal Boot
(2) Clevis', (2) 3/8" x 1 1/2" Allen Head Clevis Bolts, Rack Adapter Plate (for mounting rack to the axle), (3) 3/8" x 2 1/2" Bolts w/ Nylocks, (9) 3/8" Flat Washers

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"The mini rack-n-pinion gives my son more confidence and he's able to drive more consistently and run more laps." Ernie Irvan

Honda GX120 Quarter Midget Motor

FinishLine Racing School is an authorized HONDA Dealer. We carry the GX120 engine and can order the GX160 engine. These engines are factory boxed and ready to use in racing or the claim process.
4hp OHV Honda with 6:1 Gear Reduction
New, Stock motors in the Box

FinishLine Quarter Midget School ALSO highly recommends Dirk QM Motors

* New Motors * Dyno Tuned * Carburetor Jets * You provide the exhaust

Pricing: Click Here


A liquid applicator tool that combines a roller, sprayer, and container into one easy to use, no mess unit. It enables the user to store and apply liquid products from the same device. The device pumps liquid from a 32 ounce bottle via a trigger sprayer, where it is then routed to a special velour roller for easy application to most surfaces. Originally developed for applying tire prep, conditioners, and treatment products to racing go kart tires. ROLL O PREP has numerous other uses also. As long as your liquid product can be sprayed thru the sprayer then rolled with the special velour roller, then ROLL O PREP is the answer for your liquid application needs.

Chemical Resistant Sprayer / Special 4" Velour Roller / No Mess Application / Low Cost / Easy To Use
Eliminates Brushes with Buckets, Rollers with Pans
Comes with Plastic Bottle or Attaches to Many Existing Products Bottles
Corrosion Resistant Brass and Stainless Steel Components
Replaceable Roller and Other Components Available

Quick Lap Spray
Designed to bring your tires up to temperature quickly. higher temperature means more forward bite. It is a race day application only. Multiple applications will increase drop in durometer.

Kart Tire Conditioner
Provides the kart with softer tires and more forward bite. It will not dry the tires out nor does it stay in the tire week after week. The Kart Tire Conditioner also needs no heat applied and will "come in" within one lap.

  • Roll-O-Prep does not come w/ conditioner - Price: $27.00

  • Quick Lap Spray 12oz. can - Price: $28.00

  • Kart Tire Conditioner Qt. can - Price: $11.00

  • Kart Tire Conditioner Gallon - Price: $29.00



Metal Fuel Clamps
fit 3/16" fuel line
New 2004 QMA Rules state: "All fuel lines must have metal automotive fittings or metal positive clamps (no more zip ties)."

Hunter High Speed "Red" Shock Springs

HM95S 95 lb. rate
HM100S 100 lb. rate
HM105S 105 lb. rate
HM110S 110 lb. rate
HM115S 115 lb. rate
HM120S 120 lb. rate
HM125S 125 lb. rate
HM130S 130 lb. rate
HM135S 135 lb. rate
HM140S 140 lb. rate
HM145S 145 lb. rate
HM150S 150 lb. rate
HM155S 155 lb. rate
HM160S 160 lb. rate

Price: Click Here

Hunter High Speed Shock
HM02 Hunter MFG. Short Shock (complete w/ less springs) Price: $113.00
HM03 Hunter MFG. Long Shock (complete w/ less springs) Price: $113.00


  • Floating Motor Plate Price: $225.00

  • Clutch Hubs Price: $240.00

  • Front Hubs Price: $19.00

  • Motor Hubs #1 Price: $16.00

  • Rear Hubs #2 Price: $20.95

  • Inserts Price: $12.00


Rolling Dolly's For QM Right Rear Tire

Tired of pushing the QM through the pits? Make life easy by purchasing a FinishLine Quarter Midget Wheel Cart. Made with “heavy duty” solid rubber tires! Easy to attach and easy to use and doesn’t take up as much space as a pit cart!

Price: $45.00 each

Smart Tool Digital Angle Finder/Level

The Ultimate Set-Up Tool
  • Angle accuracy to 1/10 of a degree
  • Mode button allows you to view angles in 3 ways: Degrees, 96 Slope or Pitch
  • Audible tone allows for hands free operation
  • Hold button locks display for easy viewing
  • Works off standard 9 volt battery
  • Easy push button calibration
  • Price: Click Here
Easily Check Camber, Castor, Wing Settings, Level Scales Etc..
Tired of messing with crude protractors and measuring devices to set-up your race car. SMARTTOOL is the answer! SMARTTOOL will show you the angle of any surface with decimal-point accuracy. This is the tool used by more professionals in NASCAR, CART, IRL, World of Outlaws, SCCA and many other professional series.

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